Friday, 18 December 2009

Munchie's Festive Fun Package

Some random bits and pieces here, a few routines from this year that I think are generally awesome. A quick look back at some high points.


I love the way she connects EVERYTHING. Slightly un-human perhaps, but amazing. People who don't work out of Shaposhnikovas / Maloneys annoy me a lot, I think the little swing before you do a handstand/overshoot looks awful, but she doesn't do it. And her dismount rocks aussi.


I think this floor exercise is pretty awesome, mainly because of her leap series. Most people are like *run forward switch split, run forward a bit more, split leap full*. That's boring. She does crazy turns and stuff inbetween. She isn't the most accomplished dancer in the world, but I love it anyway.


Ana Porgras. I don't think I know of anyone who doesn't like her. She's a fabulous gymnast, and hopefully signals a return to more artistry. I love her floor as well, but I think she has the best beam routine of the year, so here she is. Enjoy.

Another beautiful floor routine from Kyoko Oshima. I love her floor work, she is elegant, but she can tumble well too. I liked her Hernando's Hideaway floor routine as well, but I think this one is even better.

Saturday, 12 December 2009

SCAM line up

Wow, I'm just post happy the past few days. This one contains actual news however.

Ok, so Rebecca Bross has been announced as one of the two American lasses going to the SCAM next year. Presumably that's only if she doesn't break in the between period. She'll probably win, unless she falls on eveything. Not only does she have high difficulty, if with poor execution sometimes, she has the added advantage of being American.
No announcement for the second competitor at the moment. Bridget Sloan was apparantly offered the spot but turned it down, she wants a break. Unfortunate really, of the two I prefer Sloan. Any bettings on who'll get the other spot? Samantha Shapiro still hasn't had her big break yet what with being constantly injured, maybe this will be her year. Or maybe they'll break out mini A-Sac, she becomes senior next year doesn't she?

Friday, 11 December 2009



Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Junior Gymnastic Whizz Kid

Ok, so there are some pretty awesome juniors out there right now, and I'm talking worldwide. China has its endless supply of talent so nothing's changed there. Russia are looking strong too, with Soviet child Viktoria Komova of the amazing talent, (please don't let her break before she's a senior. In fact, don't let her break at all). There's also the Mustafina sisters, Tatiana Nabieva and Kristina Goryunova's younger sister. I love Goryunova. I hope her sister does better though. Like being able to land a DTY without nearly concussing herself.

The USA has it's familiar pool of strong juniors with Jordyn Wieber, Kyla Ross, Bridget Caquatto and Mini A-Sac. Japan are shooting up the rankings with their latest wonderkid of the 'sure, a double double as a second pass is no problem whatsoever' variety. Even Britain is looking promising, with Jenny Pinches, Danuscia Francis and Nicole Hibbert due to become seniors shortly, and the Romaeo sisters (I don't think I've spelt that right) Venus and Angel.

But here is one of my favourites: Step forward Larisa Iordache of Romania

How fantastic is she? Incredibly talented girl Romania have going on here. Amazing flic - full twisting tuck back and GORGEOUS dismount. Fully round no questions whatsoever about that. Not bad on the double turn either. My only concern is will she last? I hope she does. So many juniors look promising then fade away into nothingness (I'm looking at you Shantessa Pama). I don't know how old she is either. From what I have read she should be eligible in 2012, but if anyone actually knows please comment and tell me. =D

She isn't the only amazing junior Romania have either, even with Porgras being a senior nowadays. Amelia Racea is pretty groovesome too, and evey single junior floor routine I have seen have been so much better than the seniors! I mean poor Steliana just could not dance, but Izbasa and Tamirjan can pull off a floor routine alright. But they're all amazing. Please let the save Romanian gymnastics. Someone needs to.